Domain snapback and bluesnap

I've been freelancing for a while now for an Scandinavian marketing agency, and, among other things, what they do is build high quality backlinks to their clients.

Some of the ways to build backlinks is to collaborate with bloggers, influencers etc., or you can reach out to publishers. But, if this is not sufficient you can build your own backlinks.

To build your own backlinks you need an authoritative domain on which to host content, and then link back to your target page (money page).

Previously the domains were acquired by using a third party domain registrar (snapback service), but this started to become economically unsustainable.

Snapback, what?

Snapback (or domain drop) refers to the practice of buying a domain after it has expired. By buying an expired domain, and hosting some content on it, that domain will still keep some of the previous domain authority needed to make the links from it to the target site useful.

All domains need to be reneweed at even intervals, and failing to do so will release it for others to acquire.


We decided to build our own snapback service, which required us to register as a official domain registrant with the Swedish, Finnish and Danish government.

Bluesnap interface.

The registration process itself can be rather tedious, as we are not allowed to use the production EPP(essentially an API to buy domains from the government) until the integration has been approved by respective government.

Furthermore, the process of buying expired domains is competitive, as all the best domains are "snapped" milliseconds within release.

But all in all, after months of intense labour, bluesnap is finally ready for official launch and we opened it up for outside users as well.

Some of the services bluesnap offers today.

We will continue working on bluesnap for months to come, adding more TLDs(country domain suffixes) and other cool features to it, so even if it is of no use today bookmark and check it out later.