Shopify + Klarna Checkout = Possible

Shopify is perhaps the worlds most famous e-commerce platform, and the goto platform for many smaller companies who just want to start selling online but don’t want to spend a small fortune on setting up something fancy and expensive.

One of the big drawbacks with Shopify is though that it’s to a large extent geared towards the North American market, hence many things consumers in smaller markets have come to expect just is not possible with Shopify. One of these things that is not possible, or not until recently, is offering klarna checkout.

Wish increased their sales with 40% when they added KCO

Klarna checkout

Klarna, and klarna checkout which is their flagship product, is more or less a must in the Nordics (Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark to some extent) if you want to succeed in e-commerce. 

Shopify offers Klarna and has done so for a long time you say? True, but, what Shopify+Klarna henceforth has been in a combination of Shopify checkout together with Klarna payments which is not the same as Klarna checkout.

Adlibris increased their mobile CR with 80% with KCO

If you are currently selling in the Nordics, and if you currently have another checkout solution than klarna checkout, switching to klarna checkout will most likely offer you significant increases in especially your mobile conversion rate.

The reason why klarna checkout is so powerful is that klarna saves user information when you make your purchase the first time in a store offering klarna checkout, and that information will not have to be reentered when the user makes a purchase from another store using Klarna checkout.

Because klarna checkout is so widely used in the Nordics, most users will not have to enter information such as address details, bank details or credit card details when making a purchases in many stores, which is especially helpful for your mobile conversion rate. 

Klarna case studies

I’m sold, how do I get klarna checkout in my Shopify store? 

For a while now Shopify has opened up its APIs so that third parties can build apps, or websites, with Shopify in the backend. 

Shopify’s APIs are open on all of their subscriptions, so you don’t need to subscribe to ShopifyPlus to do it. 

By leveraging Shopify’s APIs, you can keep your product and order management in your familiar Shopify ecosystem, while putting in the frontend whatever platform your want, for example Gatsby (link to https://www.gatsbyjs.org)

Not only will gatsby speedup your Shopify store, unshackle you from any SEO limitations Shopify has, it will allow you to offer your customers klarna checkout. 

Check out our Shopify with Klarna checkout proof of concept store.

Using Shopify meta fields we can define different prices for each currency, instead of relying on Shopify’s clunky frontend price conversions.

How much will this cost me? 

Hard to say, it depends to such a large extent on

a) How large your store is b) How much customization you will need,  c) Will you redo your website designs at the same time d) What are your SEO requirements  But, you can expect it to be somewhere in the 60h-100h range for just converting smallish webshop to gatsby and configuring Klarna Checkout. 

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